Salzburg – internationally famous for the unique old-town, stunning nature, traditional cuisine and the nostalgic horse-carriages. From August 2017 until the January 14th, 2018 Riding Dinner offers you the exclusive chance to experience all the beautiful sides of Mozart’s hometown in the most comfortable way.


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Our offers range from our famous 90-minute culinary sightseeing tour including a 3 course gourmet menu & beverages in our traditional horse-carriage, all the way to individually arranged offers as desired. In this category, your imagination has almost no limits and we will always do our best to create the perfect memories for you.


Depending on the package you booked, the food and beverages will be served directly into the horse-carriage at arranged stops during your sightseeing tour. Our attentive butler-service, as well as the carriage with a specially built table and unique glass-holders contributes to your perfect comfort.

During our culinary horse-carriage tours we pass historic alleys as well as countless illustrious sights like the historical Fortress Hohensalzburg, the Dome-Square, Mozart’s house of birth, the Mirabell Castle and many more…

So take this chance to turn the city into your favorite restaurant and experience unforgettable moments by enjoying an outstanding menu at our rolling dinner table, while you are getting to know the most beautiful corners of the amazing city of Salzburg.

Ihr Riding Dinner Team



When it came to choosing our gastronomic partners, we were especially mindful of representing all facets of Salzburg tradition. Ranging from traditional restaurants to role models of Austrian hospitality and typical cafés, we have everything covered.

Regarding the partnership with the horse-carriage company, a harmonious human-animal relationship was essential for us, as well as knowing that the horses are treated well.

At this point, we also have to mention that the daily routine of Riding Dinner is only possible with the continued support of our exceptional partners, their commitment and reliability. Thank you for constantly working with us to create an unparalleled experience for our guests.


Salzburg is another cultural jewel of Austria and we love the ambience along the Salzach river and the tasty food. It was always our dream to expand the philosophy of Riding Dinner to Salzburg, as we love to introduce traditional and cultural values of beautiful Austrian cities to our guests. Just like we do in Vienna, we carry on our thoughts here in Salzburg and set the goal to create an unforgettable experience. Authenticity and delicious ambience build the base of our concept.

We cordially invite you to dive into the colorful Salzburg tradition and to discover a grand culture with all its delicacies from a completely new perspective.


After their graduation from different colleges for tourism and business in Vienna and Lower Austria as well as years of experience in some of the best 5-star hotels of the world Marco Pollandt and Raimund Novotny met each other again when working for the same company. During their time working together, they quickly learned to respect each other even outside of the business. The rest is history...

They claim that the skills of each personality alone would have never led to Riding Dinner. So you can see, the law of chemistry works right here.

– If two different elements blend well with each other, you will get a positive reaction –

Marco says about Raimund:

“I have hardly met someone who is so concentrated on and consistent in achieving his goals. He is a true workaholic, very stress-resistant and a team-player, who acts very honestly and target-orientated... sometimes he is also a lateral thinker which is often a huge advantage but not always (laugh).”

Raimund says about Marco:

“He often observes things with a lot of patience but without even saying a word. Suddenly a creative process starts working in his mind. In addition to that he puts so much passion into his work and has the quality to keep his focus on the most difficult tasks. That allows him to visualize ideas very well but from time to time he also gets lost in his ideas for a little too long (laugh).”


Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns. Additionally, our team works around the clock to provide you with tailor-made offers for your personal Riding Dinner experience. No matter if weddings, bigger groups or any special food and beverage requests, we try our best to make all your wishes come true.

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